How To Deal With A Toxic Friendship

How To Deal With A Toxic Friendship
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When a friendship becomes more than just competitive, or fraught, and starts to take on an unhealthy hue, it can be hard to stand up for yourself and make a change. It's so sad that this is such a common situation in the lives of young, and not so young, women everywhere. The truth of the matter is, that sometimes friendships start out bad, or slowly become toxic over time, and we have a hard time separating ourselves from the situation. These types of friendships can make our lives miserable, and as the strong women we are, we should know what to do when one rears it's ugly head. Like romanic relationships, the trick is not to let it play out too long, and if it isn't working out, get out.

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Avoid Overly-Dramatic, Self-Absorbed People

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As fun, loud, and exciting as this person may seem to you, generally someone who is prone to drama and is completely obsessed with his or herself is going to spell trouble. You can almost always smell the warning signs ahead of time. Is this person often fighting with other people? Does she spend a lot of time confiding to you about her issues with others? As special as this may feel at first, trust that she is probably not going to change and eventually you'll be on the other side of the smack talk.

Address the Situation

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Perhaps you have been hanging out with a specific friend for years, maybe the two of you grew up together, but it is starting to feel like every time you see each other, somebody is getting their feelings hurt, and somebody is doing the hurting. It may not seem intentional, but you two have gotten into an unhealthy pattern that needs to be amputated before it spreads. If the two of you don't sit down, address the situation, and promise to work on these issues as equals, the friendship could continue on in this exhausting and unfulfilling manner.

Walk Away

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If you have tried in earnest to address the situation, and your friendship remains unhealthy, the best thing you can do for you and your friend is to walk away. It will be painful, but continuing on in an unhappy friendship is a blight on both parties. She will probably be mad at first, but distance will ease the pain. Maybe down the line when both of you have grown up a little, you will naturally come back together and you'll be able to form a new friendship based on trust and leave the past in the past.

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