8 Simple Self Care Practices

8 Simple Self Care Practices

Thirty nine percent of Millenials are more stressed now than they were a year ago. We worry about our jobs and our money, but our health is affected most. Without the right coping skills, problems that were once seemingly minimal can lead to changes in sex drive, depression and substance abuse. Therapy is hard to fit into a busy schedule and medication can be intimidating and difficult to get started on, but ignoring the signals your body gives only makes it all worse. It’s inherent that we take steps to acknowledge how we’re feeling if we’re ever going to live in states of peace and prosperity. How can you contribute positively to the environment around you if you don’t have any positivity within? These are some self care practices that are easy to add to your daily routine and will help you center yourself so you can take on the world with everything you’ve got.

1. Ground yourself.

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It’s easy to get caught up in just doing things without taking any time to really focus on where you are and how you feel in the moment. A great way to check in with yourself is to do a Body Scan Meditation. This exercise has you zone in on one part of your body at a time to notice where you have any tense muscles or small aches. It’s doable whether you’re in the office, on the bus or at the grocery store and takes however long you want it to!

2. Meditate for a minute.

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Another unplugging technique is meditation, but shutting off your thoughts for fifteen minutes is no easy task. Instead, start off with just sixty seconds of silence. You can count your breaths, visualize a peaceful landscape, or even think of a mantra to say out loud. Once you’ve conquered a minute try adding another and keep going until you have a satisfying amount of time to yourself. Then, just make sure you remember to do it on a regular basis – before you know it you’ll be a meditation master!

3. Stretch it out.

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Change up your wake-up strategy to start off your days with an extra bounce in your step. Set your alarm a few minutes earlier than normal and use the time to do a few stretches. If there are parts of your body that have more kinks and pains than others, look up a few ones that hit those areas specifically. Boosting your blood flow and bringing fresh oxygen to your muscles is a fantastic way to make sure your body is happy.

4. Get some extra sleep.

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NASA did a study that proves napping for forty minutes improves performance and alertness. If astronauts and military pilots are doing it, why shouldn’t you? Squeeze in some time between your shift and that dinner date to catch a snooze. Just make sure you don’t go overboard and turn it into an excuse to not do something else – the point is to make you more active, not less!

5. Take a walk.

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Do some exercise, get some sun and breathe fresh air for ten minutes a day in the simplest way possible – going for a stroll. Even if it’s cold or you’re super busy, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be doing this at least a few times a week. Put on an extra sweater and walk to lunch nearby instead of ordering delivery. Invite a friend while you’re at it, too!

6. Sing your heart out.

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Make a playlist of some of your favorite songs of all time and put it on while you’re in the shower. Whether or not you know how to, singing feels great. Take bigger breaths to help out your lungs a little more and throw in a dance move or two. It’ll take your mind off of whatever petty thing you’re worrying about and help prep you for karaoke!

7. Watch an old favorite flick.

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There’s a reason you have a favorite childhood movie, so why haven’t you watched it since you were so obsessed with it? You might catch a few things you missed when you were little and will make it an even better experience. Stop binge-watching the latest Netflix original series for a night and reconnect with your inner kid.

8. Say thanks.

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Buy a small notebook and throw it in your bag. Every time you think of something you’re glad you have but don’t always acknowledge, write it down. It only takes a second to do, but when they all add up it’s the perfect pick me up for when you’re feeling sad or angry at the world. In those moments, it’s hard to think of any reason to be grateful. By doing this you’ll have pages and pages of reasons!

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