Your 5 Best And Worst Traits According To Your Zodiac Sign

Your 5 Best And Worst Traits According To Your Zodiac Sign
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Regardless of whether you believe in astrology or not, you cannot deny some of the key personality traits associated with your zodiac sign. In fact, I'm almost positive at some point you've read the qualities of your sign and muttered the words, "That's so me!" 

Many people tend to associate with the positive qualities of their sign, but unfortunately, where there are positive traits, there are also negative ones. It's the nature of reality. It's time to embrace the good and the bad things that make us who we are. So, without further adieu, here are your 5 best and worst personality traits, as told by your zodiac sign.


aries zodiac sign

Best Qualities: Adventurous, Brave, Energetic, Passionate, Adaptable

Worst Qualities: Impulsive, Stubborn, Self-Centered, Confrontational, Demanding


taurus zodiac sign

Best Qualities: Generous, Trustworthy, Loyal, Patient, Independent

Worst Qualities: Stubborn, Lazy, Materialistic, Passive, Possessive 


gemini zodiac sign

Best Qualities: Passionate, Friendly, Witty, Flexible, Clever

Worst Qualities: Inconsistent, Indecisive, Shallow, Restless, Procrastinator


cancer zodiac sign

Best Qualities: Creative, Loving, Faithful, Deep, Empathetic

Worst Qualities: Hypersensitive, Paranoid, Clingy, Needy, Pessimistic


leo zodiac sign

Best Qualities: Kind, Loyal, Optimistic, Honest, Entertaining

Worst Qualities: Arrogant, Narcissistic, Headstrong, Impatient, Dominating


virgo zodiac sign

Best Qualities: Intelligent, Organized, Practical, Reliable, Attentive

Worst Qualities: Hypercritical, Perfectionist, Finicky, Uptight, Harsh


Libra zodiac sign

Best Qualities: Romantic, Charming, Diplomatic, Just, Courteous

Worst Qualities: Indecisive, Superficial, Detached, People-Pleaser, Lazy


scorpio zodiac sign

Best Qualities: Fearless, Focused, Balanced, Passionate, Intuitive

Worst Qualities: Possessive, Secretive, Manipulative, Envious, Spiteful


sagittarius zodiac sign

Best Qualities: Straightforward, Intellectual, Laid Back, Philosophical, Spontaneous

Worst Qualities: Tactless, Apathetic, Inconsistent, Impatient, Self-Serving 


capricorn zodiac sign

Best Qualities: Ambitious, Wise, Patient, Practical, Responsible

Worst Qualities: Stubborn, Shy, Worriers, Stingy, Calculated


aquarius zodiac sign

Best Qualities: Loyal, Friendly, Unique, Giving, Enigmatic

Worst Qualities: Stubborn, Aloof, Unpredictable, Snobby, Detached


pisces zodiac sign

Best Qualities: Artistic, Intuitive, Sensitive, Selfless, Imaginative

Worst Qualities: Escapist, Lazy, Timid, Hypersensitive, Pessimistic

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