We're Obsessed With Pinterest's Most Popular No-Heat Hairstyles

We're Obsessed With Pinterest's Most Popular No-Heat Hairstyles

Pinterest has spoken: more people are ditching their hot styling tools more often to save their hair from daily heat damage, and with an endless stream of braid, bun, and twistspiration, there's no reason not to. Follow us on the journey to healthier, less-damaged hair with these eight beautiful no-heat styles!

1. Braided Top-Knot

The top-knot gets a messy-chic dreamgirl twist with a French braid that begins at the crown and swoops into the bun, creating this look that can easily be dressed up or down. This look gets its charm from imperfection. Face-framing tendrils, a flyaway here and there, and a loose braid all add up to this effortlessly pretty 'do.

2. Half-up bun.

This look is perfect for fine-haired babes who skip a wash day. Along with being an adorable way to sneakily tuck away your greasy roots, it's also quick, easy, and chic. Triple threat!

3. Head scarf.

Since we're on the topic of covering up greasy roots or bad hair days, a head scarf is a lovely little add-on for days when you're in a rush and take the time you want to wrangle your hair the way you'd want it.

4. Upside down braid.

The upside-down or "inverted" braid flips a French braid over to the nape of your neck for a chic way to dress up your everyday bun.

5. Braided waves.

For super-defined waves without the curling iron, the braid-out is for you. If you want waves that are looser and more relaxed, simply make less braids (4-6), sleep with them in for one night, and just like that, you're a beach-wave god(dess).

6. The easy chignon.'

There's no way to look un- put together wearing this pretty French roll, and they're also easier to create than they look!

7. Braided crown.

Access your inner queen by bringing her out onto your head with a braided crown. This tutorial breaks down the process into easy-to-follow steps!

8. Dutch sister braid.

This romantic look amps up a boring low pony tail with two loose french braids, and can easily take from the gym to the office to your evening plans!



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