5 Archaic Dating Rules You Should Start Ignoring ASAP

Friends With Benefits
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Ladies, there's a whole new set of rules when it comes to dating these days. You're a strong, sassy, confident gal and good guys will appreciate that. Some of the advice we got when we were younger doesn't really apply anymore. So, we've rounded up five old-fashioned dating rules that you need to ditch ASAP. 

The Guy ALWAYS Pays On The First Date

He's Just Not That Into You

INSTEAD: Insist on paying, or at least, make sure you offer. 

Dating expert Chiara Atik told Women's Health that offering to pay on the first date "sets the tone that you're an equal partner." If he totally shoots you down and insists on paying the bill, then make sure you get the tab for dessert or drinks later. 

Don't Pursue Him

Mean Girls

INSTEAD: Go after what you want!

Girls, this isn't the 1940s anymore. Strut that confident style and ask the guy you're eyeing out for drinks. There's a good chance your forward tone will turn him on. 

Wait To Contact Him

He's Just Not That Into You

INSTEAD: Text within 24 hours. 

The invention of texting is a total life-saver in the dating game. Calling too soon might seem a little desperate, but texting suggests you're in to him while keeping your relationship low-key and casual. Plus, it allows the shy gal to prove she's interested without being too nervous to make a move.

Never Date A Coworker

The Ugly Truth

INSTEAD: Date your coworker, but GO SLOW and don't date everyone in the office.

This might seem a little harsh, but the rules of office-dating are a little blurry. According to a survey, "84 percent of 18- to 29-year-olds say they would date a coworker." But be sure to protect yourself, and your career. Since you spend A LOT of time where you work, you don't want things to get AWK-ward. 

Focus On One Guy At A Time

Friends With Benefits

INSTEAD: Don't take yourself out of the game too quickly. 

"Until you and the guy you're seeing mutually decide to be exclusive, there's no reason to turn down other dates," Atik said. "It's actually smart to see other people because it keeps the pressure and expectations surrounding one person from getting out of control."

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