Skip These 5 Foods, Stop "Desk Eating" And Lose Weight Faster!

Skip These 5 Foods, Stop "Desk Eating" And Lose Weight Faster!
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When you are working, it is easy to just nibble on snacks instead of taking a break to eat. And because you are eating small amounts of food mindlessly, it is even easier to lose track of what and how much you have consumed. These mini-meals are often forgotten when you get on the scale and find that you have picked up an extra five pounds.

The foods that you pick up at the coffee shop, deli, and the vending machine are usually the culprits. Most of these foods are highly refined, full of sugar and salt, and have very little nutritional content. To stay on-track with your diet and nutrition goals, you must make good choices with your snacks as well as your meals. These are 5 of the worst foods that you should avoid eating at you desk. Your scale and your waistline will thank you!

Trail Mix, Flavored Popcorn, And Mixed Nuts

Snacks like these are full of refined sugar, sodium, artificial flavors, and harmful dyes. They will add inches to your waistline and only provide temporary boosts of energy. The nuts are better raw or if you roast them yourself and add sea salt, but they can be fattening.

Eat this instead: Make homemade granola using steel cut rolled oats, toasted sunflower seeds, a little honey and maple syrup, coconut oil, cinnamon, sea salt, and maybe some raisins or dried cranberries. Use sandwich bags to limit your portions and don't bring more than you plan to eat!


If the muffins in the break room look more like dessert, walk on by. Even packaged bran muffins contain plenty of refined ingredients like white flour and sugar. They are fattening and will likely make you lose productivity once the sugar rush wears off.

Eat this instead: Opt for protein and fiber-packed foods like boiled eggs, apple slices with a tablespoon of almond butter, or chia seeds mixed into kombucha or hot tea. These foods are more satisfying and nutritious.


If you bought one of these on the way to the office, don't plan on eating much else the rest of the day. The sugar content and calorie count alone will create more problems than it can solve. Often the fruit/syrup has sugar, color, preservatives, and flavorings added.

Try this instead: Invest in a small device like a NutriBullet┬« and make them yourself with a little plain yogurt, some fresh berries, and a little honey and crushed ice. Visit their site NutriLiving for more super healthy recipes!

Dried Cereal And Snack Bars

Both of these contain refined sugar and flour, artificial colors and additives, imitation flavors, and tons of calories. You will keep reaching for these every time your blood sugar levels crash.

Try this instead: To satisfy your sweet tooth, go for high fiber fruits like apples. If you are craving chocolate, add a little cocoa powder to milk and sweeten with some local honey. 


Many people believe pretzels to be a healthy snack. However, they are made from highly refined flour and contain lots of sodium. They are likely to elevate both your blood sugar and your blood pressure with excessive consumption.

Try this instead: If carrot sticks don't do the trick, try toasted sunflower seeds or a brown rice cake with a little sunbutter. These snacks are more nutritious and satisfying.

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