10 Habits That Will Improve Your Life In Just One Week

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We all do it. We all get up some mornings, look in our bathroom mirror and say to ourselves “I really need to get my life together.” But between responsibilities at work (or school), crap to clean up at home and a to-do list that seems never ending, it feels like we never really get the chance to make the improvements that we want.

Good news. If you’re willing to invest five minutes (give or take) into reading this article, you’ll see that it’s actually really easy to improve your life in as little as just one week! All you need is to make the decision that you’re worth the investment.

Guess what? You are.

Meditate Each Morning

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Did you know that most health issues are stress-related? Since mediation is one of the most effective kinds of stress relievers, doing it can significantly reduce your chances of being diagnosed with cancer, heart disease or depression. It also helps you to combat depression symptoms and PMS. Plus, it helps you to concentrate more and sleep better too.

Drink Some Infused Water

infused water

Drinking water rids your body of toxins, increases your metabolism, keeps your regular, clears up breakouts and also helps to keep you from feeling tired during the day. 

If you hate drinking it (water is pretty “boring”), add some “kick” to it by drinking seltzer or mineral water. Or make some of your own infused water so that you can get some low-calorie nutrients into your system as well.

Pack Your Lunch

healthy lunch

Is money tight? One way to keep a little more on your debit card is to make your lunch every day. When you prepare our own food, it’s healthier. You’ll be able to avoid fast food drive-thrus and, just think. $10 saved every work week will be $50 more dollars that’s back in your pocket come each Friday. #verycool

Pamper Yourself

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Improve your life by pampering yourself! Contrary to popular assumption, this is not some frivolous expense. Scheduling mani-pedi and massage appointments (or visits to your hair stylist) can also reduce stress and even give you a self-esteem a boost. Treat yourself. You’re more than worth it!

Put Some Lavender Oil On Your Bedding

lavender oil

Lavender oil comes with all sorts of health benefits! It relieves headaches, calms your nervous system, reduces acne-causing sebum, eases muscle pain and backaches and it can help you to get a great night’s rest (and we all need that!). 

Just sprinkle a little bit of it on your pillows (and put a dab of it underneath each nostril) and it will lull you to sleep without the need for any sleep medication. (It’s a proven way to combat insomnia too!)

Buy A Piggy Bank

piggy bank

What are you doing with the loose change that’s hanging around? Put it in a piggy bank and promise yourself that you won’t use any of the money until the bank is completely full. Then put that money towards paying off a debt or planning a vacation. You’ll be surprised how quickly coins can turn into bucks when you’re not spending ‘em.

Turn Off The Tube And Read A Book

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We all have our favorite television shows. But if all you do when you get home is sit in front of the tube, it’s actually working against the quality of your health. Television has been proven to tempt us to binge eat (which leads to weight gain), stress out (due to all of the drama on shows and crisis on the news) and can even cause problems in the bedroom (guys who watch more than 20 hours of television a week reportedly have a lower sperm count!). 

Read a book instead. It increases your memory and concentration, expands your vocabulary and helps you to feel much calmer and relaxed.

Forgive Someone

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If you’re known for holding a grudge, that’s working against you doing what you should in order to improve your life. The saying that forgiveness is more for you than anyone else is true. It helps you to release toxic negativity as you put your energy towards the possibilities of the future rather than what’s happened in the past. Be intentional about forgiveness. It’s super freeing!

Set A Huge Goal

"Create your future" quote

Goals give us all something to look forward to. Whether it’s going on an international trip, making a big purchase (in cash) or starting a company, every season (spring, summer, fall, winter), set a huge goal for yourself. It will inspire you to accomplish it and boost your confidence once you do.

Try Something New

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Life is way too short to be caught up in the cycle of doing the same ole, same ole. Each week, decide to try something new whether that’s a new nail polish color, flavor of ice cream or route to work (or school). It will make life “bigger” and more exciting. And how can that NOT improve your life?

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