Easy Lunches for the Week

Easy Lunches for the Week
Two Peas and Pod

Whether you're a college student who's super involved, a working woman with long hours, or a busy mom with no time to spare having a healthy and hearty lunch is key! A good lunch will keep you boosted with energy, and give you the fuel you need to make it though the rest of your jam packed day.

What you pack in you lunch makes all the difference. If you toss in some nutritious essentials you could get that overall weight loss that you've been aiming for or just detox. And if you decide to make a bunch of meals from the same few ingredients but change it up, you could eat great meals on a budget. Here are some easy lunches for the week that you can prep on the weekend or the night before but won't take up much of your time, and the best part is they taste great, are healthy, and you won't need too many groceries for them!

Bean Salad

Bean Salad

Bean salads are great since there are a variety of beans to choose from! You can even swap beans for grains like quinoa which is an equally healthy alternative. The reason these lunches are simple even though they may involve a variety of ingredients is because you only need to cook the bean or grain. It's as simple as that! The salad can be mixed and saved for the week. You can use a variety of dressings to change up the flavors, too!

Burrito Bowls

Ever get a craving for Chipotle but want to avoid the calories? This recipe shows you how to make flavorful chicken and their cilantro rice! The easiest part? Store bought pico, gauc, and pinto beans save you time on having to make everything from scratch. But if you have a few extra minutes to spare or prefer to make everything homemade this recipe seems equally as delicious!

Chicken Wraps

Chicken wraps are some of the simplest things you make. You can use any sort of tortilla (wheat or spinach), a combination of veggies including lettuce, tomatoes, and onions, and buy pre-cooked chicken strips to save on time. And if you keep the dressing on the side, these wraps won't get soggy and you can make them a couple days ahead of time! 

Jar Recipes

Mason jars are an easy transport for lunch and let's face it, one of the trendiest ways to pack anything now. Especially with lids that offer a vacuum feature, you can pack your lunch on Sunday and still have it be fresh on Thursday afternoon. Take this taco salad recipe for staters which has all the delicious fixings of tacos but without the tortilla or shell. If you still prefer having it with the tortilla, go ahead and pack one on the side!

Pasta Salads

Where are my vegetarians at?! Trust us, you don't need to be a vegetarian to try this recipe. With complementary flavors such as balsamic and strawberries, you'll be craving more of this salad once you're done! Psst, it has avocados, too! Dare I say delicious? You don't need to use bowtie pasta if you have another type on hand, and if you're not a fan of balsamic try poppyseed dressing or a raspberry vinaigrette. 


You don't need to make traditional style quesadillas with chili but you can if you take the heat because they're delicious. There are a variety of recipes out there ranging from pesto and cheese to ham and cheese. Try this one out for starters and you'll see just how easy they are to make.



Sandwiches don't need to boring with the same repetitive ingredients to be easy. American Cheese, mayo, deli meat, and lettuce aren't the only ingredients you can use. Take this Brie and turkey sandwich which takes a spin on your traditional lunch sandwich and can be made in minutes! 

Stir Fry Noodles

Stir fry noodles are a way to add a bit more flavor to your meals with a variety of ready made sauces you can find (or you can always make your own)! Noodles, veggies, meats, and sauce, it can be as simple as that. Once you get a hang of the basics for a quick lunch, you can always add in extra that'll give your taste buds an extra kick! Try out this recipe that won't take up much of your time.

Traditional Salads

Traditional Salads

Whether you're using lettuce or another leafy green, you should try out regular salads. You can definitely get the pre-packed kinds at Trader Joe's or Whole Foods or go to Sweetgreen and pick up a fresh salad, but you'll really get the bang for buck if you make them at home! Cranberries, walnuts, feta, yum! Try this salad from Cooking Classy out!


You must be wondering, "toast? It's not breakfast..." Toast has taken on a new form with the avocado obsession. Add some cheese, avocados, veggies, whatever is to your delight with a lightly toasted slice of bread and you have yourself a decadent meal. Try this recipe of Caprese avacado toast for lunch sometime, which has a step by step video, and you'll see what we mean!

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