Don't Worry, Every Girl In Her 20s Has Experienced One Of These Embarrassing Sex Fails

Don't Worry, Every Girl In Her 20s Has Experienced One Of These Embarrassing Sex Fails
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There's no better time than your 20s! Maybe I'm biased because I'm a 20-something-year-old myself. But, I don't think I'll ever be more adventurous or sexually alive than I am right now (wow, I just bummed myself out a little). 

With all this sexual curiosity, it makes sense that there'd be some bumps in the road. And by "bumps in the road," I mean embarrassing sexual moments. No, you're not alone! Other women experience awkward sexual encounters, too. Well, at least I do. 

Here are 10 embarrassing sex fails that I'm pretty sure some of you have experienced, at least once: 

When You Didn't Have An Orgasm

He did EVERYTHING he could possibly do to get you off, but nothing worked. 

When He Didn't Finish

Maybe you weren't sexy enough. Or, maybe you just suck in bed. Regardless, you felt like a failure because he didn't finish. Especially because you finished, twice.   

When The Threesome Was Awkward

You wanted to have a threesome just so you could say you had a threesome. I get it. The entire experience was incredibly awkward, though. Sharing a guy with another girl isn't your thing, and you'll never do it again.

When You Sexted The Wrong Person

You wrote the sexiest text message ever, but you accidentally sent it to someone who wasn't your boyfriend. Like, your dad! If you're anything like me, you inadvertently sent it to your ex. Drama!  

When You Really Had To Go To The Bathroom

You couldn't just tell him to stop. So, you held in your pee and/or poop until he was finished. Probably one of the hardest and uncomfortable things you've ever had to do.  

When You Wanted To Spit

You thought you'd die before swallowing someone's insides. But, it didn't feel like you had a choice. It was in your mouth and you felt weird getting up, walking to the bathroom, and spitting. So, you swallowed it like a champ. 

When You Forgot To Shave

You weren't planning to have sex, so you didn't prepare. You didn't shave your legs. Hell, you didn't even take care of business down there! You were all natural.

When You Failed At Kinky Sex

You were trying to bring some life into the bedroom. But instead, you made a fool out of yourself. You were attempting to channel your inner playboy bunny but you looked more like a sexy kitten, who was recently run over by a truck. 

When You Threw Up...In Bed

You were drunk and for some stupid reason, you attempted to have sex. You knew you weren't feeling good but you did it anyway. You ended up throwing up, everywhere - on the bed, on him, and on yourself. 

When You Forgot His Name

You had a one-night stand - we've all had our fair share of those. However, when you woke up, you couldn't remember his name. You knew it started with an A but other than that, you were clueless. So, you just called him "dude" and left as soon as possible. 

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