8 Amazing Things About Breaking Up

8 Amazing Things About Breaking Up

Break ups aren't always a bad thing. But, they can feel like it. I know, I've been there! 

I'm sure you've experienced break ups that you thought you'd never get over. Maybe you were dumped, or maybe you did the dumping. Either way, you thought the break up was the worst thing that could've ever happened to you. Not anymore, though. Looking back, you now realize just how great it was that your relationship ended.

Sure, break ups are difficult, but they can come with some benefits! 

You Can Save Money

Maybe you didn't pay for every date you and bae went on. But, you bought new clothes, gas to meet him, sexy lingerie, surprise gifts, etc., etc. Needless to say, you spent a good part of your paycheck on date like things. But now you can spend your money elsewhere. 

You Don't Have To Shave

Shaving above the knee? Ha! Forget that! The best part about being single is not having to constantly shave or wax certain areas. You can be as hairy as you want to and feel no shame about it!

You Can Sleep In The Middle Of The Bed

You get your bed back to yourself! Sleeping with your significant other can be nice. But so can sleeping in the middle of your bed...alone.  

You Don't Have To Deal With His Annoying Parents

Maybe you loved his parents. Or, maybe you thought his mom was an annoying bitch. She was always judging you and it was clear she thought her "one and only son" could do much better. Well, good news; you never have to see her again. 

You Can Flirt Up A Storm

Being single means you can get your flirt on! You're no longer tied down to just one guy. Now you can explore what else is out there. Or rather, who else is out there.

You Don't Have To Compromise

You don't have to compromise on what movies to watch, where to eat dinner, or anything like that. You are now fully in control of your decisions. Take advantage of this freeing time.  

You Can Hang Out With Your Friends

You have more time to spend with your friends and family. Boyfriends take up a lot of time! You probably spent more time with him than your bff, right? Not anymore.

You Have More "Me" Time

It's easy to lose a little bit of yourself when you're in a relationship. But now you'll be able to reconnect with who you are. Discover what you're passionate about and figure out what you want in the next guy you date!

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