7 Ways To Start Thinking More Positively

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Are you a naturally grumpy person? Does it always feel like the world just keeps putting you down? You can start to change that by simply thinking positive. No, this is not a joke. You can quite literally turn your entire life around by sending out positive vibes into the universe. Here is how to start your new positive journey: 

Plan Your Day


There is a reason we had planners in elementary school. When you plan your day out, it becomes easier to work through the strenuous and stressful tasks that are set before you. Once you finish one of these tasks, marking it off feels great, giving you a sense of pride and accomplishment. 

Take Charge Of Each Situation

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DO NOT BE AFRAID TO FAIL. I know this is easier said than done. When you take the driver's seat on a project, you will naturally create confidence. Own your decisions. Own your life. 

Say "Thank You"

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Instead of apologizing for everything, say "thank you." For example, if you arrive late, say "Thank you for waiting" instead of "I am sorry I'm late." This simple change will decrease negative self talk. 

Positive Energy

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Surround yourself with people who give off good vibes. These are people who are genuinely happy for others and who never talk about others behind their back. Make a friend cleanse, and you will be happier without all of that negativity. 


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Take time out of your day to just sit and breathe. Even if it is just five minutes. By slowing down your body and your mind, you will be able to assess what is important and what never needs another thought. 


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Whether this is early morning yoga and Pilates or heavy weight lifting at the gym, you need to exercise to get that adrenaline and endorphins pumping. You will be shocked how in shape you are, clearer your skin is, and happy you are once you add exercise to the daily routine. 


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Keep doing what you are doing, and, in the end, everything you have worked for will pay off. You will have to walk through the valley of the shadow of death a few times, but it will all be worth it in the end. 

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