7 Things That Make a Woman More Attractive to a Man According to Science

7 Things That Make a Woman More Attractive to a Man According to Science

Women get dolled up for themselves, and that's what's truly amazing about beauty and fashion. But sometimes we want to impress someone else... C'mon, admit it. You've thought all day about what to wear on a date or whether or not that dude will notice your red lipstick. Whether you're having a hard time in the dating world, or you want to spice-up your relationship with your guy, there are some things that you can do that will make you (even more) irresistible. It's science. 


According to a study published in Evolutionary Psychology, women found men more attractive when they were funny, since it often signals wit, and alludes to intellect, which could make a man more likely to be resourceful and provide, or at least have the brainpower to make decisions that bring about a longer life- all good things! How does this apply to you? Well, the same studies also suggested that laughing, and being receptive to a male's humor is attractive. If you're a funny girl, power to you, and don't you dare dim that shine, but laugh a little when you find a funny guy, to potentially seal the deal.


An Australian study suggests that men and women alike tend to prefer partners who can be described as "nonconformists." Do you like to wear your hair in a dozen multi-colored clips? Or swim in tanks dressed like a mermaid on the weekends? Whatever your shade of "quirk," wear it proudly, because everyone finds it damn sexy.


While woman find brooding versus happy-go-lucky men attractive, the opposite is true for women! According to a study conducted at the University of British Columbia, men find women more attractive who are generous with their outward displays of positive emotion.


Branding expert Jeetender Sehdev questioned over 10k men and women, to find that resoundingly "courage is more sexy than confidence." So go ahead, do that thing that is scary, but you've always wanted to do. Some ideas: skydive, travel alone, or perform an original song at a bar.

Wearing Heels

After all of these qualities to possess and hone, this next one may seem superficial, and easy (if you're sitting, at least). According to a study published in The Archives of Sexual Behavior, when a woman dropped her glove while wearing flats, only 62% of men picked it up and went out of their way to return it to her, compared to a whopping 95% who returned it to the woman in heels. Other studies show that wearing heels actually makes us feel sexier, too, since the tilt of your pelvis mimics the positioning in sexual play.


Some articles will tell you to play hard to get, but studies suggest that isn't your best bet. According to the book, How to Make Someone Fall in Love With You in Under 30 Minutes, "over 90% of people will say that a major factor was discovering the other person liked them."


We all recall the school bus chant: Secrets, secrets are no fun, unless you tell, everyone! Now that we've graduated from the yellow school bus to the metro system to get to/from work and everywhere else, there's something you should know. According to the author of Snoop, people who told secrets on the first date were more likely to go out again.

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