6 Signs That Prove Your Partner Is Actually Proud To Be With You

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Any guy can ask you out on a date and say they like you. You want more than that, though. You want a boyfriend who's actually proud to be with you! A boyfriend who isn't just dating you because it's convenient for them right now. Are we right? Well, if you're in a relationship, and any of these six things sound familiar it's because you're dating someone who really likes you and doesn't care who knows it. 

It's Instagram Official

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We know not everyone is obsessed with social media...but most people are! If your boyfriend is always posting on Instagram, you're probably in a majority of those posts, right? That's a good sign. It means your boyfriend has no problem telling the world of social media that he's happily taken.  

You've Met His Friends

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Hanging out with his guy friends isn't that big of a deal. You probably go on group dates all the time, right? The big deal is when your boyfriend calls you his girlfriend in front of his friends. That means he's serious about the relationship. 

You've Met His Family

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Meeting his family is huge. Sure, his parents might just be super involved and basically, force him to bring his girlfriends over to the house. BUT still, if the parents want to meet you it's because he talks about you to them. He's not keeping you a secret! Yay!

He Brags About You On Social Media

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We love Julianne Hough's fiance for posting such a cute message! Not only should your bf have a few pics of you on his social, he should also be complimenting and celebrating you on there. If he's bragging about your accomplishments, he's a keeper.  

He's Not Afraid To Show Affection In Public

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He's the one who grabs your hand when you two are hanging out together. No matter where you are or who you're with, he wants to feel close to you so he shows affection in the tiniest of ways. 

He Talks About You When You're Not Around

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Only good things, though! A guy who'll compliment you when you're nowhere to be found is a guy who's genuinely proud to be with you. He doesn't just tell you he loves you, he tells his friends, family, and anyone who asks. 

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