11 Ways To Take Good Care Of Your Vajayjay


What would life be like without our vaginas? 

We need our vaginas to rid our bodies of toxins. We also need them to experience the killer orgasms we all know and love. That’s why we should be intentional about taking care of our vajayjay on a daily basis. Here’s how to show yours some love:

Use Unscented Soap

unscented soap

Your vagina is self-cleaning. It’s also very sensitive. So all of the fragrant soaps and body washes? It really is best to try and keep those away from your vajayjay. 

If you’re a bath kind of girl, soaking in a tub of warm water (with maybe a cup of apple cider vinegar in it) is really all that “she” needs to get clean. But if you’re more about the shower or just can’t imagine not using soap, go with the unscented kind. It’s much gentler.

Wear Cotton Underwear

cotton panties

Your vagina is also moist. That’s a good thing. But if you’re always wearing satin or polyester blend undies or even a thong, that makes it easier for bacteria to grow (yuck). The work-around is to wear cotton underwear most of the time. Preferably organic cotton. Pay attention to if the fabric "bothers" your vagina, too. Sometimes dyes can also be a source of irritation.

Drink More Water

smart water

There are a couple of reasons why your vajayjay needs water. It helps to flush out toxins and it also helps to keep you lubricated when you want to get intimate. Speaking of intimacy, if you make some peppermint and celery infused water, it can help to make everything taste better down that way, too.

Eat More Yogurt


Our bodies, including our vaginas, are made up of good and bad bacteria. Something that helps to keep the bad bacteria at bay is yogurt. Since it contains lactobacillus, yogurt can also help to maintain the pH level in your vagina and reduce the chances of you getting a bacterial or yeast infection. 

Speaking of yeast infections, if you happen to have one, soaking a tampon into some plain yogurt and then inserting it into your vagina can provide instant soothing relief to the irritated tissue.

Have Some Citrus Fruit

citrus fruit

Your va jay jay can never get enough citrus fruit. Since it’s loaded with Vitamin C, that means your body will be getting plenty of antioxidants. That will help to fight off bad bacteria growth as it boosts your immune system. Also, the acid in citrus fruits can help to keep urinary tract infections from being an issue, too. (Citrus fruit is another food that makes you taste…sweeter. Just an FYI.)

Eat Less Sugar


Wanna know what bad bacteria loves more than anything? SUGAR! In fact, a lot of people who have recurring yeast infections tend to have the consumption of too much sugar in common. 

Does that mean you can’t have any? That’s not what we’re saying. But do consider using honey more often. It’s much better for you.

Wash Right Before And After Sex

bath before sex

It might be romantic to cuddle for hours after sex, but it’s one way to irritate your vajayjay. It really is a good idea to wash right before and right after sex. 

Here's the angle. We don’t know anyone who would turn down the thought of taking a shower with their sex partner. Try it. We’re think you’ll (both) like it.

Soak In Sea Salt And Vinegar

sea salt and vinegar

If you have a little vaginal odor, it’s nothing to be ashamed of. Here’s how you treat it. Pour a cup of sea salt and a cup of white vinegar into your bathwater. The vinegar will help to remove some of the odor-causing proteins in your vagina. The sea salt will help to restore the pH levels in your body.



Speaking of pH levels, if you want to jack them up, douche. All douching does is strip your vagina of the good bacteria that’s inside of it. This means that it can actually worsen whatever problem you were having that led you to douche in the first place. Again, your vagina is self-cleaning so if you’re douching to remove an odor or odd discharge, stop and do this next thing.

See Your Doctor

Don't self-diagnose

You need to see your doctor annually, especially if you are sexually active. But if in between visits something doesn’t look, smell or feel normal or your periods are all over the place (meaning, you're skipping some or they are never within the same week’s time), make an appointment. Google has a lot of information out in cyberspace but your vajayjay is NOT something you want to play around with.

Sleep Naked

sleep naked

Something else that can help “her” to breathe is to sleep naked. Just make sure to also change your sheets once a week. There’s no point in sleeping in the buff if there’s dead skin cells getting up into your vagina anyway. Just sayin'.

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