11 OMG Facts About Pubic Hair That Will Make Your Jaw Drop

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For many women, pubic hair is annoying. As if we don't already have enough hair in other places to constantly groom. But as you learn more about the "land down under," you might be surprised to know that pubic hair actually serves a purpose. And yeah, there are things about pubes that might make you gag, but at least now you'll know how to care for your pubic hair the best way possible. 

We Transfer Pubes During Sex


During sex, we transfer more than just bodily fluids and raging hormones. We actually transfer pubic hair too. Next time you pull down those undies and find an "usual" looking pube, know that it might not even be yours.

Pubic Hair Helps Fight Infections

pubic hair

The purpose of pubic hair is to protect the skin covering your vag and vulva during sex. Not only does this help prevent dryness and irritation, it also lowers your chance of getting a virus or bacteria in your lady parts.

Pubic Lice Can Move to Other Body Parts


Lice in your hair? Gross. Lice in your pubic hair? Really gross. But pubic lice can actually wander to other parts of your body, like your armpits, scalp and eyebrows. 

Pubic Hair Contains Poop

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Next time you're in the shower, clean that pubic hair really well because it might contain fecal matter. In fact, a study back in 2015 showed that poop is present in up to 30% of your pubic hair.

The Drapes and The Carpet Don't Match

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Not everyone has hair on their head that is the same color as their pubic hair. But your head hair and pubes can also be different in thickness and texture. It's possible that the guy you're into with the thin blonde hair on his head has a curly, brown haired chia pet growing around his manhood.

Less Pubic Hair Can Mean More STIs

waxed pubic hair

If you want to lower your chances of getting HPV or herpes, keep your bushy pubes. One study by JAMA Dermatology showed that shaving or waxing causes microscopic cuts that make it easier for diseases to enter. 

Pubes Make Sex More Enjoyable


Pubic hair might contain pheromones, which are chemicals that can entice your partner. Apparently it's the smell of the hair that gets them all revved up.

Porn Stars Wear Pubic Wigs


In the porn industry, pubic hair is seen as something to cherish. If a porn star's pubes are waxed or shaved, they might have to wear a pubic wig (called a merkin) during their shoot.

Pubic Hair Grooming Can Lead to Injuries

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Believe it or not, grooming your pubic hair can land you in the ER. Whether it's from cuts, abrasions or a rash, grooming injuries related to pubes jumped five-fold between 2002 and 2010.

Waxing Your Pubes Can Cost More Than College

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If you've ever paid to get a bikini wax, you know it can be pricey. So pricey, that women who wax regularly can spend over $20,000 on hair removal in their lifetime.

The Longest Ever Pubic Hair Was 28 Inches

unzipped pants

A lady from Cape Town, South Africa, named Maoni Vi, had a pubic hair that measured 28 inches. We're not really sure how or why she shared this with anyone, but her record-setting pube tells us she probably believed in the natural look.

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