10 Tips To Strengthen Your Relationship In Just One Week!

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When two people decide to share their lives together, a lot of compromises are required. You're both individuals who not only have your own expectations and needs but also your own strengths and weaknesses too. Finding ways to make one another happy is a daily choice and balancing act.

There are things that you and yours can do to strengthen your relationship, though. If you try the following things, we can guarantee that you both will feel more loved, more appreciated and more confident about your connection.

Give Compliments

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Human nature is prone to tell people what they do wrong more than what they do right. If you and yours have fallen into this pattern, it can create an atmosphere of negativity and even bitterness and resentment. 

Change the environment by complimenting each other more consistently. It doesn’t have to be forced or not genuine. Simply think about something that you really like or appreciate about your partner. Then take things one step further by actually telling them. Watch how their energy changes the moment that you do.

Hug For More Than 10 Seconds

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Sometimes we’ll hug for a quick second and not think much of it. But there are tons of health benefits that come with embracing your partner. 

Hugging relaxes muscles, reduces stress, raises oxytocin levels, increases feelings of security and makes both people feel loved and desirable. 

Make a point to hug your partner for no less than 10 seconds once a day. It will help to strengthen your relationship, for sure.

Hold Hands While Sitting On The Couch

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If both of you have a habit of sitting on opposite hands on the couch, be intentional about scooting in close enough to hold hands. 

Holding your partner’s hand can release internalized fear, relieve pain and discomfort and it can lower your blood pressure. Holding hands also reestablishes your physical connection (outside of the bedroom) too.

Make Short And Long-Term Goals

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A couple that plans together stays together. Or at least, it significantly increases their chances of doing that! 

Take out a weekend, open up a bottle of wine, take out a sheet of paper and jot down some things that you want to accomplish, together, over the next three, six and nine months. Also, plan a way to celebrate the things that you did do a year later. It will give you both something to look forward to; something to get super excited about!

Try Something New

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If you go to your favorite search engine and look up the reasons why a lot of married couples end up divorced, one of the reasons is pure boredom. It might sound shallow but just think about it. If you and your partner are always doing the same old thing, that can take the enthusiasm out of the relationship. Before long, you’re nit-picking each other’s flaws because, well, there’s not really anything else better to do. 

Avoid this by purposely trying new things to do together. It can be trying a new food once a week or doing a new hobby once a month.

Make A Gift

woman holding a present

Is money tight? You don’t need to be rolling in the dough in order to strengthen your relationship. Rather than going to the mall to try and find something on sale, make your sweetie a gift. A card. A cake. Anything that is customized and comes from the heart. You making the time will make a real impression, no matter what the cost.


woman apologizing

THIS. RIGHT. HERE. A lot of problems in relationships can be avoided if people were more interested in resolving matters than being right (or not wanting to admit when they’re wrong). 

If you know that you hurt your partner’s feelings or that you made a mistake, humble yourself and own it. Saying “I’m sorry” is one of the quickest ways to heal the relationship and move forward happily and peacefully.

Address Each Other’s Current Needs

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What your partner needs may not necessarily be what you need. That’s why it’s a good idea to know what each other’s top Love Languages are (is it Words of Affirmation, Quality Time, Acts of Service, Gifts or Physical Touch?). It’s also a good idea to “check in” with each other once a month or so to see if you’re both getting what you need from one another. 

Just by being sensitive and self-aware enough to ask, is enough to strengthen your relationship.

Share Five Things You Admire About Each Other

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During the hard times (and trust us, they will come!), you need to remember why the two of you decided to be together in the first place. By writing five things that each of you admires about one another and putting the list where you both can see them every day? It will be a confidence-booster and a great reminder of what made the relationship so special from day one.

Start Saving For A Vacation

couple on vacation

One of the absolute best ways to strengthen your relationship is by going on a vacation. Don’t have the money? Then start planning now. Put aside $50 (each) per pay period. Do research on all-inclusive trips. Get your passport. Plan your time off at work. All of these things will display that you both find spending quality time to be important. 

How can a relationship not become stronger when you both know that taking an adventure together is a priority for you both? Right? Right!

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