Which Movies Are Perfect For Your Sign?

Which Movies Are Perfect For Your Sign?

Everyone’s got a sign and everyone loves a good movie… so why not put the powers of the planets to work to find your next perfect stream? You’d be surprised just how awesome a match a cinephile can find going off just your astrological traits. Pick your film and give it a chance – you might just find your favorite new flick (and prove the cosmic powers of the Zodiac right once and for all).

Aries: Total Recall

(Image Source: TriStar Pictures, 1990)

Independent and courageous Aries will relate to Douglas Quaid’s thrilling sci-fi journey to get his life back.

Taurus: Chocolat

(Image Source: Miramax Films, 2000)

A hardworking Taurus knows what they want, just like the stubborn protagonist of this chocolate-covered adult fairy tale.

Gemini: Ferris Bueller's Day Off

(Image Source: Paramount Pictures, 1986)

A talkative, social Gemini will feel right at home in the insane and high-energy world of Ferris Bueller.

Cancer: The Wizard of Oz

(Image Source: MGM. 1939)

Just like Dorothy, Cancers struggle with a thirst for adventure and a deep yearning to find home.

Leo: Shrek

(Image Source: Dreamworks, 2001)

A hot-tempered, kind, and loyal character? Both Shrek and and a Leo would fit the bill.

Virgo: Ocean’s Eleven

(Image Source: Warner Bros., 2001)

Analytical mind-mapping Virgos will find a lot to pick apart in this high-orchestrated heist.

Libra: Clueless

(Image Source: Paramount Pictures, 1995)

Libra’s have expensive taste and a talent for diplomacy, just like Cher Horowitz.

Scorpio: Cruel Intentions

(Image Source: Columbia Pictures, 1999)

The darkness of a Scorpio matches the tone of this film, but it’s their loyalty and intelligence that make this pairing perfect.

Sagittarius: Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark

(Image Source: Lucasfilm, 1981)

A reckless, daring, and positive Sagittarius can’t find a more thrilling companion for an adventure than Indiana Jones.

Capricorn: Casablanca

(Image Source: Warner Bros., 1942)

Capricorns are know to be wildly ambitious and total control freaks, two things they could learn something about from this film.

Aquarius: 2001: A Space Odyssey

(Image Source: MGM, 1968)

Aquarians love playing with new ideas and concepts, so they should stick with the most mind-expanding film of all time.

Pisces: Inside Out

(Image Source: Disney-Pixar, 2015)

Pisces are sensitive souls who often need an escape from reality, and what better way to deal than through a fantastical journey of emotion?

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