How To Show Each Astrological Sign You Care About Them

How To Show Each Astrological Sign You Care About Them

It’s hard to be a good friend. The relationships that we have with the people we care about stay so stagnant. We want that the sense of comfort that we know our friends and loved ones and they know us back. “This is my friend who always needs dating advice,” you may think, “and this is the one with big ideas that we need to bring back down to earth.” Next time, to break out of your friendship rut, think of their sun signs to figure out how to best show them love.

There are a lot of things to consider here. Moon signs and the influences of the planet are important, and your friends are complex people that don’t totally fit in their zodiac box. But this could be a step to knowing yourself and your friends better. And that is always a step in the right direction.

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Your Aries friend might be intense, but they’re on another level than everyone else. One of these days, try keep up with them. Meeting a friend at 8am CrossFit Challenge or taking the train two hours to see a new outdoor art installation will make all the difference to them.

You might have grand gesture ideas stored up just in case, but your Taurus friend is not Release-A-Million-Doves kind of person. They appreciate subtlety, sincerity, and knowing that you like them and know them well. Cooking them dinner and finding a movie theater playing their favorite '80s movie would be a good start.

Your Gemini friend is always busy or on the go. They think they can handle everything they’re doing all at the same time - internship, freelance job, planning parties, maintaining their flawless Instagram. They’re smart, talented, and capable, but won’t ask for help. Try to pick up the slack for them, but try to make it seem like it was their idea. If you just so happened to be at the grocery store before a big party, you can get whatever they haven’t had time to pick up.

Your Cancer friend sends you GIFs three times a day, posts cool recipe videos on your Facebook wall, and faves every one of your tweets and Instagram posts. Just do the same back. A friend in need - with only a few likes on a status - is a friend indeed.

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Grand gestures are cool, if you have a lot of time and extra cash on hand, but let your Leo friend know you think they’re the best. Nominate them for captain of your trivia team or commissioner of your fantasy football league.

Your Virgo friend is probably stressed out, and doesn’t know where to put all this frustration. They’re not someone who will come to you to vent, so let them know you’re there. Even better is if you can suggest solutions to their problems without making them feel silly. And give them cupcakes. Everyone loves cupcakes.

Your Libra friend is itching for a partner-in-crime, but you already knew that since you two are friends. If they put forward a crazy idea, try to get it in motion. Take it step by step, and just like that, you’re sitting on a Caribbean island, drinking free mojitos and high-fiving each other.

Your Scorpio friend is over whatever drama is in their lives, whether it’s in their relationship, in the office, or between other friends. Be the straightforward one, the one that always says what they mean. They’ll be grateful that someone can tell it like it is.

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Your Sagittarius friend likes options, but never gets to pick the brunch place because it takes them too long to decide. For whatever is coming up, give them choices. For a birthday party, set up a scavenger hunt or choose-your-own-adventure style day trip. Or give them some space and let them control their own party. It’ll come together in due time.

Your Capricorn friend might be a work buddy, a long-time best friend, or a new acquaintance you want to get to know. Show them a side of you that you haven’t yet. If you have a board game night with friends from college, bring them. If you’re going to a fancy party or wedding and you have a plus one, bring them along. They want to know everything about you, so let them in.

Listen. Be open. That’s it. Don’t complicate it!

Your Pisces friend has big dreams, and even bigger ways to get there. If you haven’t had a long talk over wine or whiskey, this is the perfect time to do it. They’re always there for you too, and want you to know it, so drop some of your secrets right back.

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