DIY This Rainbow Stress Ball And Feel Your Anxiety Melt Away

DIY This Rainbow Stress Ball And Feel Your Anxiety Melt Away
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Life is stressful. You know that violence isn't the answer, but sometimes all you want to do is punch somebody or something right in the face. That's not really an option, so you have to find other ways to cool out when stress starts to build up.

Make a stress ball. Okay, you're probably thinking that stress balls are so a million years ago and they never worked in the first place. Well, that might be true. But they never had Rainbow stress balls.

This DIY stress ball is a fun craft you could do alone, with friends or with kids. Hey, it might not seem like it, but even kids get stressed and this can be a great way to teach them how to manage it. 

Even though it looks like it has some strange ingredients, you can make this up in less than ten minutes. The only new thing you'll need are jelly balls.

Yep,  "Magic Growing Jelly Balls." Okay, that sounds super dirty, but we swear they're totally kid friendly. You get a package of little gel dots that grow in the water. They come in all different colors and combinations, so if you'd rather have a monochrome DIY stress ball, it's no problem.

Put the balls in a small mouth water bottle (or soda bottle, basically anything to put your balls in). Place a clear unblown ballon over the mouth and pour those balls right in. Let me take a moment to apologize for having a DIY tutorial that tells you to put balls in the mouth. I'm sorry, it had to be done.

Also, you can put glitter in it if you want. And you'll definitely want to.

Fill the balloon, tie it off, and there you go! You have a textural, pretty stress ball. It's really nice because you're not supposed to just squeeze it. The soothing feeling of the jelly balls and the range of colors helps you slow down your breath and get the stress down before it's out of control.

If you haven't tried this, please do. Do you really need to be convinced to play with balls all day.

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