5 Natural Ways to Deal with PMS

5 Natural Ways to Deal with PMS
The Body Is Not an Apology

About a week or so before your period, your body goes through what is known as Premenstrual Syndrome, otherwise known as “PMS”. There are all sorts of symptoms that come with it including food cravings, feeling bloated, acne breakouts, breast tenderness, and sometimes irritability. None of these things are harmful, but they can cause you to feel not so good if you don’t know how to properly treat it.

Rather than running to the closest drug store, there are other things that you can do. Things that are healthier for your system and easier on your pockets. Things that will make PMS less of a burden with every passing month if you apply the following five tips to your daily regimen.

1. Take a vitamin supplement

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A lot of us don’t get all of the nutrients our body needs just from our diet alone. This is where vitamin supplements come in. By taking certain ones on a daily basis (not just when your period is about to come on), they can help to stabilize your hormones and metabolic function. To get these benefits, take a Vitamin B Complex , a magnesium, calcium, and zinc tablet and also an Evening Primrose capsule every day. As for Evening Primrose Oil and what it can do, you can read more about its benefits here.

2. Cut back on sugar, alcohol, and caffeine

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You might crave sugar, alcohol, and caffeine when you have PMS but it’s only going to make your symptoms worse in the long run. Instead of a candy bar, snack on something that has natural sugar in it like a banana or a bowl of berries. Try and avoid alcohol altogether in the week leading up to your period. And caffeine? It’s best to avoid as much of it as possible. Have some chamomile or lavender tea instead. It will calm your nerves in a very soothing way.

3. Eat more fiber (to avoid constipation)

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Constipation is a common PMS symptom. The best way to combat it is to eat fibrous foods. Apples, pears, spinach, bran, beans, berries, and fiber bars should do the trick. If you don’t enjoy eating some of those things on their own, flax seed oil is another way to get some fiber in. You can take it in capsule form or put a teaspoon into a cup of yogurt or a homemade smoothie.

4. Drink some chamomile tea

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Chamomile tea has enough health benefits that it should be a go-to drink for reasons other than PMS. It has antibacterial effects which can help to keep infections at bay. It also promotes sleep and soothes tummy aches. And even during your cycle, you should have some more because chamomile tea decreases the muscle spasms; including the ones that cause menstrual cramps.

5. Exercise

Source: Women's Health Mag

Something that can make PMS worse is stress. One way to relief stress is through exercise. Plus, exercise is amazing at keeping your hormones in balance. Getting in some cardio 2-3 times per week for 30-45 minutes is all you need to make your Premenstrual Syndrome symptoms so much easier to bear each month.

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